Challenges & Idea Management

Challenge your community.

Engage your network’s collective intellect and crowd source ideas to solve pressing issues and explore emerging opportunities.

Launch engaging challenges

Don’t let ideas drag. Call for ideas with time-bound campaigns. Launch a meaningful challenge in minutes and sustain participation every day.

  • Time-bound, targeted engagement for timely participation.
  • Easily create visually engaging challenges without a web designer.
  • Break organizational silos with cross-boundary participation.

Get focused ideas

Finding solutions is easier when the right questions are asked. Go beyond a suggestion box approach and help users to communicate the value of their ideas to address your needs.

  • Provide a structure that helps users think about the value of their ideas and reduces the friction to participate.
  • Collect ideas that are aligned with the challenge.
  • Guide idea submission so everyone understands their potential value.
  • Address specific questions by configuring idea submission forms for each challenge.
  • Embrace innovation as well as improvement and create a separate space for incremental improvement ideas.

Solve real business challenges together

Crack complex problems by involving people with complementary skills, experiences and mind-sets. Allow them to co-create and brainstorm on different perspectives for multiple solutions.

  • Select the solution or combination of solutions that meets the challenge needs
  • Challenge discussions can help frame the problem and trigger new ideas.
  • Have a problem where collaboration is not a good strategy? No problem, we’ve got that scenario covered too. Openness is like a dimmer switch.

Stronger ideas, faster.

Next-generation idea collaboration makes it easier to share, improve and assess ideas.

Feedback-based voting

No more popularity-driven participation! Benefit from a feedback-based voting experience that inspires participation and yet hides an advanced scoring system that surfaces the most promising ideas. Every vote creates an opportunity to improve the idea and help understand its value.

  • Ideas enriched by actionable community feedback that also helps score the idea. Votes allow idea authors to improve their ideas and invite users to update their vote. Meaningful participation, more interaction, stronger ideas.
  • Uncover potential idea weaknesses and improvement opportunities through an objective feedback process that reduces natural tension in honest feedback to make ideas stronger.
  • Avoid unintentional popularity contests which happen with common rating mechanisms.

Always know what’s changed

Stay tuned and save time. Users no longer need to spend time trying to find out what’s new or changed. Easily find unread comments and see idea edits since your last visit.

  • Follow ideas to be notified of edits and comments.
  • Users are shown the changes made to an idea since their last visit.
  • Idea authors can notify idea followers of their edits and invite them for more feedback.

Significant contributions

Keep users engaged in idea discussions that cause perceived improvement. Extract value from idea discussions and recognize significant contributors.

  • Significant contributions in idea discussions are highlighted.
  • Participation-based recognition of contributors.
  • Quality-based user recognition with badges.

Multiple assessment models

Different problems require different solution selection models. Whether you’re selecting ideas based on vote-based ranking or performing multiple evaluation rounds by different experts, InnovationCast allows you to easily tailor different flows.

  • Different idea evaluation models, from score-based idea selection to tailored, multi-committee assessment workflows.
  • Keep ideas moving forward. Help keep evaluations on time with tasks and reminders.
  • Continuous feedback to idea authors every step of the way.

Recognized co-creation

Sometimes we come up with an idea together with a colleague or friend. Welcome co-creation whether by submitting ideas together with other users or by recognizing significant contributors.

  • Users can team up, work together on idea drafts and submit ideas together with co-authors.
  • Valuable comments are marked as significant contributions, recognizing commentators as contributors of the idea.
  • Idea discussions that are designed to improve ideas and reward valuable contribution.

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