Innovation Opportunities

Turn ideas into opportunities.

Equip teams with simple and effective tools so they can focus on turning the most promising ideas into actionable innovation opportunities.

Empower teams to create a concrete value proposition

When it comes to innovation even the most promising ideas can be flawed. You need to validate their potential value, fast. Enable teams with a clear process and appropriate tools to find if your ideas work, without breaking the bank.

  • A clear process for the brisk exploration of ideas
  • Get everyone on track and focused on actionable outcomes
  • Transparent accountability model

Devise experiments to test the assumptions

What needs to be true for this idea to be successful? Breaking down all the assumptions is the first step towards a more thorough understanding of what’s on the table. Then it is time to design and run disciplined experiments to validate untested business hypothesis. If the results are encouraging keep moving forward. If the feedback points to another direction or there’s no clear path to value act quickly and adapt or pivot.

  • Make all the assumptions clear so they can be discussed, tested and validated
  • Devise experiments to make risks and pains concrete so they can be openly addressed
  • Experiments can uncover breakthrough insights
  • Maximized learning at minimal cost

Invest based on evidence

By validating the potential value of ideas and proving they can work, you can invest incrementally into well-grounded innovation opportunities.

  • Clear tools and methods to minimize risk leading to tolerable and contained impact in case of failure.
  • Prioritise based on the most promising business opportunities.
  • Build an innovation portfolio of tangible options for growth.

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