Innovation Projects

Implement projects, get results.

Support the back-end of your innovation process to get the job done. Plan, implement and monitor your innovation projects closely. Get results.

Define and execute a solid plan

When it is time to jumpstart projects to realize growth opportunities, we’ve got you covered. Agree on the scope, expected outcomes, and schedule. Secure partnerships, allocate resources and define the appropriate key evaluation milestones. Get the team committed and make it happen.

  • Structure actionable plans
  • Involve external participants with security and control of what they can see
  • Clear evaluation checkpoints with defined expected results and appropriate to each project particularities

Find out what’s working or not, fast.

Breakout success is difficult and improbable in innovation projects. Give projects the chance to come to fruition by observing closely, looking for indicators of success or failure. If the project is not making sufficient progress or is no longer showing value, you can reframe it, re-plan it or cut it off before is too late. If it keeps looking good, maybe it is time to accelerate and proceed faster  with confidence.

  • Track progress and performance through milestones for early problem detection and speedy recovery
  • Know when it is the right time to provide assistance
  • Monitor ongoing projects by comparing the current state against what has been planned and agreed by management and avoid setbacks

Capture value, results and impacts.

Innovation is the road for the organization’s future. Learning needs to be a key aspect of the process. Track the returns of your investments beyond the financial returns: know-how, technologies, processes, or intellectual property created throughout the project. Capture and disseminate good practices to ensure that errors of the past aren’t repeated over and over.

  • What value was actually created? Understand impacts and effects even on the long run when there’s a time gap between the investment and the return.
  • Learning from failure as an established and valuable practice. Failure (ours or external) is how we all learn.
  • The key learnings of a project can be at the service of the whole institution.
  • Assess the results of partnerships in order to find what worked and what didn’t. That will help you the next time you’re choosing a partner.

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