Amplify signals, increase insights.

See what others don’t through an interplay of environmental monitoring and analysis. Surface information that can shape innovation strategy and fuel your “innovation funnel”.

Signals that inspire innovation

Activate your human networks by giving your people/workforce the means to easily share what they are discovering everyday in the ‘real world’. Actively search for unforeseen improvement and growth opportunities by channeling significant information into and throughout your organization.

  • Detect and make sense of weak signals
  • Find opportunities and trigger new ideas faster
  • Spot and map growth avenues
  • Promote practices that encourage discovery

Insights that show the way

Insights may come from unusual connections and coincidences but they also emerge from deliberate search, and can be developed and enhanced systematically. Define targets, capture insights and follow up with trackable recommendations.

  • Monitor technologies, people, competitors, other organizations and trends from the front row
  • Targeted competitive intelligence
  • Structured monitoring, surveillance
  • Support for scouting activities
  • Shorter time to ROI by focusing on doing things better and doing new things

Usage Scenarios

What does the Radar do for you? Here are some scenarios.

  • Internal and external environmental scanning and search
  • Competitive intelligence monitoring
  • Technology scouting
  • Collaboration with academic institutions and R&D providers
  • Corporate foresight and strategic decisions
  • Trend detection

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