Innovation Consulting Services

Are you set to drive productivity and growth through innovation management?

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Our leading-edge innovation management consulting services help make the most of your investment.

We complement your team in the development of competencies and structures to support your innovation ecosystem.

Different levels of maturity, organizational contexts and business objectives require different solutions, which cannot be prescribed upfront.

Although there’s no ‘one-size fits all’ model for undertaking innovation, the work streams presented below guide our consulting interventions. We rely deeply on probing, experimentation and learning.



Consolidate your strategic approach to innovation management to make the most of your investment.

The envisioning phase produces an integrated vision of how will innovation work as a tool for growth and value creation. The key outcome is an Architecture for Innovation and Participation. It will be derived from, and coherent with your values, specific needs and business objectives. It will guide all your future innovation endeavors.


Develop your innovation process, governance and supporting infrastructure.

How will you create an appropriate context to enable constant innovation? You need to address your innovation process, governance model and underlying human and technological supporting infrastructure. This stream is aimed at setting up all the appropriate systems that need to be in place to support your initiative and realize your strategy.


Help to communicate the values and goals to all stakeholders. Plan to channel and accelerate participation.

How will you articulate your innovation values and goals to the participants, and how will you support them? Devise the proper mechanisms to support buy-in and meaningful engagement from the participants. There’s always a mismatch between a company’s objectives and the participants’ perceived objectives. This has to be addressed to ensure your vision and goals for innovation are crystal clear for all participants.


A healthy innovation program requires control and supervision to enable learning.

Organizing innovation is always a work in progress. This phase is focused on defining formal activities and mechanisms to make sense of what’s happening in the company innovation-wise. The ultimate goal is to implement mechanisms that can detect success and failure at the earliest opportunity. Then you will be ready to identify problems and emergent possibilities for improvement enabling effective action on time.

Even the most sharp strategy can be refined.

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