Innovation Training & Education

Education & Training

Innovation team enablement. For bigger impact.

We complement your team in the development of necessary in-house competencies and structures to support your innovation ecosystem.

Let’s work together to design a tailored approach so everyone can hit the ground running. Everyone will have crystal clear objectives, improved competencies, and know the rules and the tools in a meaningful way.

Award-winning Innovator Programs

People are they key ingredient and determine the success of your innovation program. You need to devise a way to activate your network and improve your members’ innovation capabilities.

Improve your return in innovation by creating an Innovator’s program that delivers effective information, coaching and training.

Best of the Best

– Forrester Groundswell Awards

InnovationCast customers have repeatedly been recognised for the innovation programs we developed with them, including world-class awards like Forrester’s Groundswell Award for “Best Innovation Program” in the Business to Employee category.