The refreshingly simple, yet uniquely effective, Innovation Management platform.

Every company is trying to innovate to accelerate impact and growth. Do you know why some companies are growing fast while most of them are doing lots of work but struggle to get results? We do!

Discover unforeseen possibilities

Want to see how it can work for you?

InnovationCast helps companies like yours make innovation work. Let's talk to see how you too can implement it in your organization to drive productivity and growth.

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Used by inspiring leaders like DHL and Novo Nordisk.

Are you part of an innovation management team? Your work is about to get waaaaay better

Innovation teams are tired of tools that are complicated, take ages to implement, cost a fortune and don’t do the job. They invest their time and energy but still fail to deliver the envisioned results.

We understand their problems and know the pains and roadblocks in managing innovation. That’s why we’ve created InnovationCast. 
We will help you accelerate and scale innovation for your company in no time.

  • For innovation managers and directors

    Don't waste your time on work that can be automated. Get the support you need to make innovation work. Focus on what matters the most: help your people innovate

  • For Innovation VPs, CINOs and DTOs

    Find what's working and accelerate it. Find and what's not and dampen it. Manage your global innovation portfolio with accurate and up-to-date data and make timely decisions based on facts.

  • For the CEO and CFO

    You don’t have innovation in your title but it is part of your mission. With InnovationCast you will be able to use innovation management as a tool for productivity, growth and transformation

All you need to make innovation happen. In one tool.

Why are we different? Here's our "secret" sauce: Process, People and Platform

Our customers use InnovationCast to surface, validate and implement ideas that make a difference.
Here's how we will help you do it too


We’ll help you establish a manageable process to go from ideas to launching new products and services, business models, and more.

Don’t start from scratch. Start with an innovation process inspired by leaders’ best practices that can be customized to what you and your company needs in no time.


InnovationCast helps build the right mindset and capabilities. It helps you to attract, educate and engage the right people to work on your innovation activities.

Think you don't have the right culture? Time to think, act, and speak differently. Engage 10-100x more people and have them contribute to innovation in meaningful ways that drive the culture you need.


InnovationCast will be your company's innovation zone where people will connect to co-create ideas to bring them to life.

Our digital platform will help you to jumpstart and scale innovation effortlessly.

Want to see how it can work for you?

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Works for companies of all shapes and sizes. It will work for you too!

Idea & Community Manager at IT Services, DHL
Nick Medina Davis
Idea & Community Manager at IT Services, DHL

InnovationCast is a delight to use; its simple, intuitive, and interactive design has brought our innovation culture to life! Additionally, it has been a joy working with InnovationCast every step of the way; from design to technical support to consultancy, their consistent support has been remarkable. This is a group of people who genuinely care, who go the extra mile to make things easier for you, and who wish to see you succeed.

Digital Innovation Consultant, Novo Nordisk
Justin Lacko
Digital Innovation Consultant, Novo Nordisk

There is a huge amount of flexibility in how you can create idea workflows on the platform, and when I didn’t know how to do something, the InnovationCast team was quick to help and even design solutions for me. We chose InnovationCast because we wanted a solution that went beyond the basic functions of idea collection and management so that our employees also got the chance to develop their ideas through workflows that we built ourselves.

Marketing & Innovation, Vodafone
Fátima Cardoso
Marketing & Innovation, Vodafone

We chose to work with InnovationCast because it allows us to easily manage the different internal innovation initiatives through a simple, intuitive platform and the excellent help we had throughout the entire implementation process.

Senior Innovation Manager, Al Rajhi Bank
Faisal F. Alqethami
Senior Innovation Manager, Al Rajhi Bank

InnovationCast is a perfect-fit solution for corporate innovation. It has transformed how we manage the pipeline of new ideas and further ignited a collaborative innovation approach. The flexibility is impeccable, and the team is beyond supportive at every level.

Digital Transformation Lead, Sumol+Compal
Carlos Costa Moreira
Digital Transformation Lead, Sumol+Compal

The main challenge for Digital Transformation is to mobilize the organization - this is at the core of InnovationCast. On the one hand, it allows for co-creation and transparency in execution. On the other, it offers a structured approach to management, speeding up decisions and rendering useless spreadsheets and presentations.

Executive Director, Higher Colleges of Technology
Nicola Bettio
Executive Director, Higher Colleges of Technology

InnovationCast is a great platform to harvest and manage innovation, from collecting high-level ideas to cross-department cooperation and implementing more sophisticated innovation projects.

Chief HR Officer at Pestana Hotel Group
Verónica Soares Franco
Chief HR Officer at Pestana Hotel Group

InnovationCast has a dynamic team capable of understanding the challenges we face in the innovation area of Pestana Hotel Group. We worked as a team, developed methodologies and configured the platform for the group's needs, which greatly contributed to the generation of new ideas and the involvement of all employees in the search for the best solutions for the business.

KIN Center for Digital Innovation at VU Amsterdam
Mark Boons
KIN Center for Digital Innovation at VU Amsterdam

We specifically partnered with InnovationCast because of the platform's ability to facilitate interaction by different stakeholders (students, faculty, support staff) around ideas. Our experience has been that collaborative innovation goes beyond the initial ideation phase. The ability to stimulate discussions on the InnovationCast platform through voting and commenting has proven crucial in developing ideas.

What's in it for you?

What InnovationCast customers say


more user engagement

Companies that were using other platforms report a huge increase in participation, reaching 10 to 100x more people than before.

5x faster

and better decisions

The best decisions are supported by data and powered by process transparency. Get the Portfolio Management you deserve and manage it easily.


time saved on managing innovation

Innovation managers and directors report irresistible time savings by automating manual tasks and keep track of what's going on manually. This alone pays for the platform


literally, in new revenue and savings

New revenue, increased revenue and cost savings. Our customers report millions on their top and bottom line


faster to implement ideas with unmatched process flexibility

There are other solutions that claim to offer a high degree of customization. But they can take up to a year and $100k+ just to set up

What customers
What customers love about InnovationCast
about InnovationCast

InnovationCast® is the collaborative innovation management software that helps companies engage people to co-create ideas and bring them to life.

  • Start in days, not weeks
    Start in days, not weeks

    Focus on what matters most: helping people innovate. No heavy-lifting to start.

  • Tailor-made experience
    Tailor-made experience

    Adaptable to customers’ needs without breaking the bank. Configurable with clicks, not code!

  • From ideas to value
    From ideas to value

    All that’s needed to discover, incubate and bring ideas to life. In one tool.

  • Purposeful collaboration
    Purposeful collaboration

    Ideas are born and raised by people. Ignite collaboration in every direction.

  • +10yr experience built-in
    +10yr experience built-in

    Templates and workflows for common types of innovation. Use and adapt.

  • We help all the way
    We help all the way

    Unmatched hands-on advising and support

InnovationCast screenshot

Used by inspiring leaders like VISA and ING.

Manuela Ariu
Idea & Community Manager, DHL

“InnovationCast has brought our innovation culture to life! It’s a big step forward in innovation and employee engagement.”

Schedule a 25min session to see how DHL went from launch to impact in 4 weeks, and how you can do it too.

Book a 25 min session with an expert

Get results from innovation in weeks, not years

Discover unforeseen possibilities

Discover unforeseen possibilities

Get stronger ideas faster

Get stronger ideas faster

Test ideas without breaking the bank

Test ideas without breaking the bank

Take ideas to the finish line

Take ideas to the finish line

Find out why InnovationCast is the best technology to support your innovation system.

Why InnovationCast

How does InnovationCast work?

Discover Incubate Accelerate


Find insights that inspire innovation

Pick up weak signals that can affect your growth and profitability. And make sure you act on them! Everyone can become a sensor and communicate what they see that may influence innovation. Allow your people to identify opportunities, issues and risks.

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Get results from innovation in weeks, not years

Next-generation idea collaboration idea management features allow for a quick exchange of ideas among people. Everyone can build on each other’s ideas to make them the best they can be, as fast as possible. Iteration, inclusiveness, and diversity of thinking will help you turn good ideas into great ideas in no time!

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Select ideas that can make a difference

Assessing and selecting which ideas should move forward is not an easy task. When dealing with something new, we can never know for sure upfront. That’s why we enable you to use multiple frameworks, so your evaluators can profile, evaluate and select different kinds of ideas with confidence.

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Test ideas quickly and cheaply

The ability to test, learn and iterate ideas is the key to productive innovation. Ambitious ideas may work. Or may not work... So how can you know, without spending too much? You can’t be sure of the outcomes in advance. But you can provide your teams with the appropriate tools, process and structure to empower them to experiment and capture learnings at startup speed and with less expense.

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Take the best ideas to the finish line

The majority of innovative ideas will fail. We all know it by heart. Others will return smaller value than expected, which can still compound towards positive results. That’s why you need to adopt an agile investment strategy: continually adjust funding based on progress and potential value, and kill the ‘zombie projects’ to free up resources for ideas which continue to show promise.

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Schedule a 25min session to see how DHL went from launch to impact in 4 weeks, and how you can do it too.

Book a 25 min session with an expert

Used by inspiring leaders like Vodafone and Riyad Bank.

Justin Lacko
Digital Transformation & Product Owner, Novo Nordisk

“Hundreds of innovation projects are managed, positively affecting more than 10 pharma value-chain areas. InnovationCast has improved our decision-making with accurate portfolio reporting”

How our forward-thinking customers are using InnovationCast

  • Employee Innovation
    Employee Innovation

    Engage your employees in collaborative innovation.

  • Open Innovation
    Open Innovation

    Open innovation to selected customers.

  • Innovation Networks
    Innovation Networks

    Create your innovation hub or outpost.

  • Idea Crowdsourcing
    Idea Crowdsourcing

    Get ideas from your customers and partners.

  • Environmental Scanning
    Environmental Scanning

    Know your internal and external environment to stay ahead.

  • Technology Scouting
    Technology Scouting

    Discover new technologies and insightful know-how.


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