Innovation Radars

Visualize insights

Organize your information in an engaging way that helps you assess the potential, readiness and impact of innovation opportunities.

Select ideas that make a difference


Build visualizations that engage users


See more by looking at the big picture


Awareness about trends and initiatives

Put innovation on your Radars

Discover new markets, products, services and business models that can change your company.

Explore and prepare the future of your company

Supercharge your innovation activities by exploring options and scenarios about alternative futures and potential developments.

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    Detect adverse conditions on time
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    Surface growth opportunities faster
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    Connect and inspire your entrepreneurs
Channel the information into your company

Develop your innovation shared awareness

Silos can stop innovation. Get rid of the 'silo mentality' and promote collaborative innovation work practices.

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    Promote cross-divisional and cross-hierarchical communication
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    Map your initiatives and their progress
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    Create a shared awareness of all your innovation activities
Keep an eye on your innovation projects