Take the best ideas to the finish line

Closely plan, implement and monitor innovation projects. Track progress, scale your investments as ideas keep showing promise and always know your return on innovation.

Take the best ideas to the finish line


Define scope, outcomes, and schedule


Proactive portfolio management


Keep an eye on portfolio results

Keep a healthy innovation portfolio

The numbers say that the majority of ambitious innovation projects will fail. That's part of the game, but it means that you have to find out very fast what's working or not and act accordingly.

Plan your innovation projects

Innovation projects are different because of their high uncertainty. Planning is all about developing activities to learn more about the ideas' potential and the ability to realize them.

  • checkDefine the key tasks and milestones to validate the idea
  • checkSee what's stuck and needs help before running out of resources
  • checkIterate the initial plan towards a plan that works
Plan your innovation projects

Keep an eye on your innovation projects

Zombie projects can drain precious resources and clog your innovation pipeline. Projects that are no longer showing promise and will not create a meaningful impact need to be stopped on time so that you can focus more on the others.

  • checkTrack the appropriate metrics for each project
  • checkMake sure teams continue to be all-in on the project
  • checkDecide to invest more or discontinue projects based on evidence
Keep an eye on your innovation projects

Maintain a balanced innovation portfolio

Balance your innovation portfolio to ensure that your company is creating value on all fronts: productivity, transformation and growth.

  • checkBuild a portfolio that complements your strategic plans and needs
  • checkDifferent goals, metrics and governance for different levels of innovation
  • checkCreate the right mix of sustaining and breakthrough projects
Understand your innovation portfolio