Community tools that help build an ecosystem

We've built the tools to help innovation managers successfully launch innovation communities in no time.

Build an innovation ecosystem


Organize audiences and content


Personal feeds that matter


Connect people and content

Engage and inspire.

Share knowledge, insights, and progress with a rich and meaningful social experience. Nurture your communities to keep people engaged and inspired.

Create vibrant communities

Use communities to enable connections between people and ideas that otherwise wouldn't occur.

  • checkRun different communities for distinct audiences
  • checkCreate external communities to collaborate outside your company
  • checkSegregate access to critical information
Create vibrant communities

Keep everyone up to date

Newsletters give you the means to inform and keep everyone tuned in to your innovation activities.

  • checkAutomated newsletters to keep everyone in the loop
  • checkPromote ongoing innovation challenges, ideas and projects
  • checkCommunicate achievements to keep everyone engaged
Keep everyone up to date (newsletters and subscriptions)

Communicate progress

Blogs give you the means to share noteworthy content and accomplishements, and get community feedback.

  • checkCreate media-rich blog posts in minutes
  • checkListen to your community by asking for feedback on specific topics
  • checkShare content that inspires users to participate
Communicate progress

Personalized activity streams

People can choose what they're most interested in and InnovationCast will keep delivering the content. Ensure that everyone is always up to date about what matters most to them.

  • checkCompelling streams personalized by users
  • checkUsers can define what they want to follow
  • checkUse keywords, tags, topics to build the feeds
Personalized Activity Streams

Create a web of "meaning"

Innovation is about making new connections. Make every single piece of content addressable and reusable.

  • check@mention any information in the system (people, blogs, ideas, signals...)
  • checkEstablish relations between any items in your innovation system
  • checkEnable people to build ideas on top of inspiring concepts
Create a web of meaning

Meet your teams where they are

Run InnovationCast inside Microsoft Teams to make the most of your Office 365 tools.

  • checkWorks as an MS Teams app
  • checkMake InnovationCast available to all your users by default
  • checkIntegrated user authentication
Meet your teams where they are