Get stronger ideas faster

Looking for idea management that works? You are in the right place! Engage people and crowdsource ideas to solve pressing issues and explore emerging opportunities.

Get stronger ideas faster


Challenge-driven innovation for strategically relevant ideas


Higher engagement levels with multiple ways to contribute


Better ideas with the co-creation environment you always wished for

Launch engaging innovation challenges

Challenges are time-bound campaigns for ideas. Launch compelling challenges in minutes and sustain participation every day.

Launch engaging innovation challenges

Get focused ideas

Innovation challenges are great because they signal where you need to innovate the most. Use challenges to inspire people and drive collaboration around what matters the most.

  • checkCollect ideas aligned with your business goals
  • checkCreate custom submission forms that improve the quality of ideas
  • checkLaunch visually engaging challenges in minutes, without a web designer
Get focused ideas

Solve real business challenges together

Crack complex problems by connecting people with complementary skills, experiences and mindsets to co-create ideas and brainstorm multiple solutions.

  • checkGet better solutions with a collaborative idea management approach
  • checkBreak organizational silos with cross-boundary participation
  • checkSurface innovators by knowing who’s making a difference
Solve real business challenges together

Run internal and external innovation contests

Collaboration is great! But sometimes, leveraging competition in a positive way can be the best tool to generate new ideas independently.

  • checkIncentivize people to solve pressing problems that lack solutions
  • checkRun competitions with audiences from within and outside your company
  • checkFind alternative solutions that change the status quo
Run internal and external competitions

”Always-on” idea collection

You can't schedule people's best ideas. Let them share ideas as they pop up.

Always on idea collection

Surface unforeseeable ideas

Insights may come from unusual connections and coincidences, but they also emerge from deliberate search and can be developed and enhanced systematically.

  • checkAllow unforeseen improvement and growth opportunities to emerge
  • checkAvoid tunnel vision by allowing everyone to have a voice
  • checkCreate listening posts to learn about your customers, products and company
Surface unforeseeable ideas

Distribute the workload

Manage innovation at scale by allowing different parts of organization to manage their own idea pipelines.

  • checkOrganize ideas in categories linked to specific areas or goals
  • checkGet the right teams to manage each category
  • checkGive them the flexibility to create a process that works
Distribute the workload

Keep your idea portfolio organized

Different types of innovation require different processes. Manage your portfolio with ease and always know where ideas are, find bottlenecks and improve where needed.

  • checkDesign custom processes for each idea category
  • checkPersonalize idea submission and assessment criteria
  • checkHandle different types of ideas with the right approach
Keep your idea portfolio organized

Get ideas in great shape

Improve the quality of ideas with next-generation idea collaboration tools. Enable people to work together to improve on each other's ideas.

Get ideas in great shape

Feedback-based voting

Feedback-based voting inspires participation and uses an advanced scoring system that surfaces the most promising ideas. Every vote creates an opportunity to improve the idea and help understand its value.

  • checkEnrich ideas with actionable feedback that makes them stronger
  • checkUncover idea weaknesses and improvement opportunities
  • checkAvoid unwanted popularity contests caused by the usual rating mechanisms
Feedback-based voting

Always know what’s changed

Stay tuned and save time. People no longer need to spend time trying to find out what’s new or changed. Easily find unread comments and see edits that occurred since your last visit.

  • checkUsers can follow ideas to be notified of changes and comments
  • checkAuthors can invite followers to review their edits and for more feedback
  • checkUsers are shown the changes made to an idea since their last visit
Always know what’s changed

Significant contributions

Keep users engaged in discussions that enhance ideas systematically. Extract value from idea discussions and recognize significant contributors.

  • checkValuable comments are marked significant contributions
  • checkSignificant contributions are highlighted for easy tracing
  • checkQuality participation gets recognized with badges
Significant contributions

Recognized co-creation

Sometimes we come up with an idea together with a colleague or friend. Welcome co-creation by allowing people to team up to submit ideas together.

  • checkUsers submit ideas together with co-authors
  • checkAuthors can invite others to become co-authors during discussions
  • checkContributing to improve an idea can be just as valuable as submitting it
Recognized co-creation

Use Cases

  • Innovation Challenges
    Innovation Challenges

    Launch compelling challenges in minutes.

  • Shark Tank
    Shark Tank

    Develop and pitch ideas to a panel of investors.

  • Hackathons

    Get ideas from your customers, partners and startups.

  • Design Sprints
    Design Sprints

    Answer critical business questions in no time.

  • Design Thinking
    Design Thinking

    Know your users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems.

  • Kickbox

    Activate employees to create valuable business cases.