Find unforeseen possibilities

Innovation always starts with discovery. What if all your people could become a sensor of your innovation network?

Discover unforeseen possibilities


Collaborative insight scouting


Structure and share findings


Combine insights to inspire new ideas

Amplify signals, increase insights.

Activate your human networks by giving your workforce a way to easily share what they are discovering everyday in the 'real world'.

Amplify Signals

Avoid tunnel vision

Surface information that can shape your innovation strategy and fuel your “innovation funnel”. See what others don't.

  • checkOrganize information in channels
  • checkCapture ad-hoc and unfiltered observations from the front-lines
  • checkMonitor emerging changes in technology, culture, markets, behaviour, etc
Avoid tunnel vision

Inspire new ideas

Make it straightforward for information and trends to bubble up and allow everyone to be seen and heard.

  • checkShare and comment on any content from the web
  • checkProvide context on what it could mean to your company
  • checkGive everyone access to the raw information
Inspire new ideas

Turn information into actionable intelligence

Shared sense-making: capture people's perspectives to turn raw information into creative opportunities.

  • checkUse the community to distinguish 'signals' from 'noise'
  • checkDefine what each signal means to your company and what to do about it
  • checkUse signals as supporting information for ideas
Turn information into actionable intelligence

Find insights that inspire innovation

Actively search for unexpected opportunities for improvement and growth by channelling significant information into and throughout your organization.

Find insights that inspire innovation

Define targets for information collection

Insights may come from unusual connections and coincidences, but they also emerge from deliberate search and can be developed and enhanced systematically.

  • checkMake curated information about each target available to all
  • checkStructure monitoring, surveillance and scouting activities
  • checkProactively collect information about high priority targets
Define targets for information collection

Capture insights that show you the way

Give your scouts a simple way to keep their work organized, share their findings and recommended actions. Foster value and positive impact.

  • checkIdentify and monitor new startups, novel technologies and trends
  • checkFollow up on recommendations
  • checkEnable informed strategic decision-making
Insights that show the way

Empower your scouts

Complement human scouting with automated data collection from online sources.

  • checkQuickly turn automated findings into insights
  • checkCreate tailored automated searches to capture relevant information
  • checkCentralize access to external data sources for each scout
Empower your scouts

Communicate findings with visualizations

Connect emerging possibilities, deepen customer insights, and explore new technologies that can spark innovation.

  • checkEasily communicate findings to the leaders who can act on them
  • checkKnow what's happening outside and at the edges of your organization
  • checkChoose opportunities based on their maturity and market potential
Communicate findings through visualizations

Use cases

  • Academic and R&D Collaboration
    Academic and R&D Collaboration

    Integrate external knowledge in your network.

  • Environmental Scanning & Analysis
    Environmental Scanning & Analysis

    Channel significant information into your organization.

  • Startup & Technology Scouting
    Startup & Technology Scouting

    Identify technologies with disruptive potential early.

  • Trend Monitoring
    Trend Monitoring

    Identify and understand worldwide trends as they unfold.

  • Corporate Foresight
    Corporate Foresight

    Work proactively to explore the future of your company.

  • Competitive Intelligence
    Competitive Intelligence

    Monitor competitors, customers, industry and other agencies.