Create a culture ofinnovation

Everyone likes to feel special. And everyone wants to be recognized when they do great work. Help people stand out by highlighting their key contributions.

Create a culture of innovation


Gamification that recognizes valuable contribution


Points system that gives you a powerful way to give back


Rocognition drives engagement and culture change

Recognize the work of the smart people you have

Create a culture of meritocracy. Use recognition to incentivize participation and highlight key behaviours. Use rewards to give back to everyone that helped turn an idea into new value.

Encourage people to make a difference

Badges encourage positive behaviours. Keep your users happy and engaged by showing appreciation for the value they add to innovation.

  • checkPinpoint contributions that help bring ideas to life
  • checkEnsure that all types of contributions are recognized
  • checkRecognize the quality of participation, not the quantity
Encourage people to make a difference

Reward those who make a difference

There are divergent views on rewards for innovation. But what we do know for sure is that giving back to those who helped to move the needle always works.

  • checkAcknowledge and reward meaningful accomplishments
  • checkDegrees of rewards that increase with the produced results
  • checkUse financial and non-financial types of rewards
Reward those who make a difference (points)