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Our partners can help you complement our innovation management platform with strategy and innovation consulting services that help create a greater impact.
PwC Partner Logo

PWC Digital Services

With over 10,000 team members globally, PwC Digital Services provides clients in Portugal with a new kind of consulting to help them reimagine their businesses for the digital age.

PwC helps tackle the challenges our clients face today, foster creativity and co-creation, and transform the way they innovate, to unlock new growth opportunities.

CoterieSolutions Partner logo

Coterie Solutions

Automation has taken center stage in most companies. Whether it is RPA, HyperAutomation, or BPM companies are looking to save millions through the automation channel. The challenge is keeping the pipeline full of ideas. Coterie has proven formulas to boost ideation and engage the right community to keep your ROI growing.

Built on InnovationCast, Coterie’s Innovation Hub for BluePrism solution helps you get ideas before process mining. Coterie delivers results with ready-built innovation hubs for RPA, AI, BPM, IoT, Blockchain and other transformation initiatives.

Fábrica de Startups

Fábrica de Startups

Fábrica de Startups’s mission is to help people to become successful entrepreneurs. They develop several incubation and acceleration programs for corporations in topics ranging from Tourism to the Blue economy.

Fábrica de Startups adapts methodologies originally designed for startups, to help you accelerate innovation, by engaging your employees or customers. From ideation sessions to bootcamps, from business model design to validation, they facilitate your innovation effort.

nlmtd partner logo


nlmtd is a strategy and innovation consultancy firm based in Amsterdam, supporting clients from all over the world to create future proof organizations, by helping them to become faster, smarter and more flexible.

nlmtd helps you to deal with faster changes in the market, to determine the right direction, develop innovative business models and transform your organisation with a hands-on approach. They help you become and remain future-proof.


Altice Empresas

Altice is the largest telecommunications service provider in Portugal and Altice Empresas is its brand for the Altice Portugal’s business segment. Regardless of the business dimension of its customers, it is the telecommunications and technological partner of reference in the market.

Altice Empresas has a clear ambition to innovate, modernize and lead the process of digital transformation for companies. With Altice telecom services and technological solutions deployed together with its partners (like InnovationCast), they provide you with the right infrastructure and technological capacity to innovate and stay relevant in the market.

VU University | KIN Center for Digital Innovation

VU University | KIN Center for Digital Innovation

The KIN Center for Digital Innovation at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU), is partnering with InnovationCast to research about crowdsourcing and to uncover the knowledge integration patterns that lead to the most innovative ideas, as well as the role of platform moderators and Innovationcast’ technical features in facilitating those patterns.

If your organization wants to tackle a grand societal challenge through crowdsourcing (like an oil spill, climate change, the refugee crisis,…), you may want to reach out the KIN Center at VU University in the Netherlands.

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