Innovation Analytics

Monitor to act on time.

Monitor progress continually to take decisive action on time. Keep an eye close on what’s happening to know when to minimize risks and when to get to results faster by accelerating with confidence.

It takes a community to innovate. How’s yours doing?

Stimulating and promoting collaborative practices are key enablers for prolific innovation. Our adoption and participation analytics let you know where your community is performing well and where it could do better.

  • Gain insight into adoption and engagement, to make sense of unfolding collaboration patterns. Amplify what works and dismiss what doesn’t.
  • Indicators that go beyond page views or votes count, to see reactions to content and interactions between people at a glance.
  • Community-centric metrics that reveal which groups are active and producing value and indicate those which could use some help to get things moving forward.

Know what is happening across all your innovation activities, in real time.

Monitor progress closely to uncover roadblocks and adapt as conditions change, decreasing reaction time. This will make the difference between success or failure of your innovation program.

  • Understand how well – or how poorly – the innovation process is working out with metrics you can act on.
  • Real-time indicators of success and failure that pinpoint what needs your attention so you can act before it is too late.
  • Know who’s making a difference, where that difference is manifesting itself and what kind of innovation is taking place.

Get to the business value of innovation management

The return on innovation doesn’t need to be the elephant in the room any longer. Track everything you get out of your innovation engagement.

  • Keep a record of all the results, outcomes and key learnings
  • Measure your innovation success by comparing projected vs actual performance
  • Maintain a clear picture of profitability to continually reassess investment allocation across innovation projects

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